If you think you’re paying too much for your wireless service provider, consider switching to a no-contract option. Love My Credit Union Rewards has just announced its newest discount partnership to bring Tracfone and NET10 no-contract wireless right to you.

With Tracfone, you’re in control with unlimited Carryover Data* that never expires. Choose from Americas Top 4G LTE** Networks, and without the contracts or mystery fees.

Or, live your best wireless life with NET10 Wireless. Choose from America’s Top Nationwide Networks or keep the one you love—all without a contract!

No contracts or mystery fees

When you get your service from Love My Credit Union Rewards, you’ll receive dependable service with no contracts, credit checks or mystery fees. And if you don’t love the service, you can switch anytime!

Get a top phone or keep your own!

Whether you’re an Android person or an iPhone fanatic, we have the latest phones for any budget. Love the phone you have? Keep the phone, number, and network you love with our easy-to-install SIM kits.

Find the brand that works for you

Visit the Love My Credit Union Rewards site to explore the different plans, and see the latest offers designed just for credit union members. Whether you prefer the value of carryover data or the go-anywhere freedom of unlimited talk, text & data, you’ll find the perfect fit.


In 2008, CU Solutions Group recognized a need to offer credit union members the same kinds of special partner programs usually only available to big banks. That’s when it launched Invest in America, a program offering special discounts from U.S. automotive companies.

After that, the program quickly took off, and the name changed to Love My Credit Union Rewards. The program expanded its offerings to a wide range of U.S. companies.

Visit LoveMyCreditUnion.org to all the current rewards programs available now! Mid Oregon Credit Union provides additional resources through partner relationships. Check out our Mid Oregon Financial Partners page to see the latest.


*Service must be active and use within any six month period. 
**Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary. See Terms & Conditions at Tracfone.com.