Simple Tips For Secure Mobile Banking

Many of us are vulnerable to having our personal information stolen. Therefore believe being informed and utilizing best practices can make the difference between information safety and being exposed. Because of this, Mid Oregon Credit Union is concerned about helping you protect your identity and your financial information.

Consequently, Mid Oregon has partnered with “Stickley on Security” to make information and resources available. We want to help our members and our community practice safe habits financially. Please visit our Security and Fraud Alert page for a variety of useful tips and information.

Video: How to Protect Your Security While Using Mobile Devices

Most of all, we think one great way to kick off 2017 right is to practice safe mobile banking. So watch the following video, which has some exceptional practical information.*

Criminals have started targeting mobile devices to steal your confidential information. In this video you will learn some of the tricks that criminals are using to attack your mobile device and what you can do to protect yourself.

* To play the video, click on the drop down menu at the top of the frame and select “Security Education Videos”. Clicking on the “Simple Tips For Secure Mobile Banking” should start the video.