If you think saving money is too difficult, and even have justifications to back you up, fuhgeddaboudit. We have the solutions to your saving hang-ups. The best way to start is to put savings on automatic.

Common “Reasons” We Can’t Save

I don’t have the money.

That’s the standard cry from those who wait to save what’s left over. It never happens. Instead, “pay yourself first.” Use Mid Oregon Credit Union direct deposit and we’ll automatically divert the amount you say, for as long as you say, to your share savings or Savers’ Club account. We also have a relatively new savings tool called “Save to Win“. You can not only build up savings but give yourself a chance to win cash prizes, too.

For what little I can put aside, it doesn’t pay.

Consistent, regular savings are the only kind that add up. If you only can start with $10 a paycheck, do that now. When you see how that works, you’ll find yourself raising the ante to $25, $50, or more over time. And yes, that pays.

Payday and bill paying is too hectic to think about saving, too.

Whoa, that’s a lot like excuse No. 1. The solution here: Use direct deposit at Mid Oregon Credit Union and your paycheck starts working–earning dividends (interest)–right away, instead of waiting until you get around to making a deposit. That saves you time and, over time, the head start saves money, too.

But I’m paying too much on bills to save money.

Well, maybe we can help you there, too. Call or email one of our loan officers at Mid Oregon and we can discuss loan consolidation options. Sometimes we can reduce your interest rate, and that can reduce how much you owe and how long you’ll be paying off the loan. And that, too, can pay off in savings.

The bottom line: The professionals at Mid Oregon Credit Union have the services and skills to help you automate your savings. Call today- (541) 382-1795.