Full Circle Outreach is this month’s Pay It Forward organization

In 2003 Rebecca Hanson founded Full Circle Outreach in Redmond, to help people get over difficult life obstacles. Today, Full Circle Outreach serves over 4,000 Central Oregonians per year who are dealing with homelessness, physical injuries, mental illness or a criminal past.

This month Rebecca and Full Circle Outreach were selected as the Pay It Forward $500 grant winner, courtesy of KTVZ NewsChannel 21, CoEnergy Propane and Mid Oregon Credit Union. Each month, a committee selects a winner who receives $500 to award to the deserving person they’ve nominated.

The $500 ‘Pay It Forward’ award will go to deliver more help to those in need, says Hanson. Relying entirely on community donations, funds go to employment support and to purchase needed items-everything from toiletries to clothing to furniture.Pay It Forward: Full Circle Outreach

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KTVZ Pay It Forward information and nomination form