What Does “Local” Really Mean?

You’ve heard the message a lot in the media lately: Financial institutions in our area claiming to be “local.” Sure, for many consumers who are new to Central Oregon from another region or state, a financial institution that’s headquartered in Portland or Billings might feel local. But what does local really mean to you?

We have seen a lot of change–and a little bit of confusion–occurring in our local financial landscape over the past year or so. Some institutions have merged with larger, regional institutions; some have been caught doing things that aren’t exactly in their customers’ best interests; and quite a few have implemented changes that could be costing you more money to manage your financial lives—such as eliminating free checking.

Central Oregon Financial Choices

The good news is that consumers in Central Oregon have a lot of choices, thanks in part to the credit union movement. For decades, we’ve worked to protect your right to choose your financial institution. As a result, we find that communities with a credit union presence pay lower interest rates on loans, and pay fewer fees, than communities whose consumers lack those options. Even if they’re not credit union members!

And if they don’t have one that’s serving their needs, they have the right to start their own. That’s how our cooperative was founded back in 1957, when eight Prineville educators pooled their savings to give each other loans in times of need.

Local: Headquartered In and Serving Central Oregon

So, if you’re choosing a financial institution that’s headquartered, founded, and exclusively serving the folks of Central Oregon, there’s only one—Mid Oregon Credit Union. We were founded here, we’re staying here, and we have only one purpose—to meet your financial needs and help you achieve your dreams. To us, being local means we make sure that you get the financial services you need more conveniently and affordably, and we do our part to support the community that we all call home.

Thanks for your membership. We look forward to seeing you soon.