Mid Oregon’s ATM locations Web Page

Part 5 of our series highlighting the newest and best features of our recently upgraded website, Convenience and Accessibility: Mid Oregon ATM Locations, is our “Website Wednesday” post this week. Read about our previously highlighted features.

Did you know Mid Oregon Credit Union debit card holders have access to 38 ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) surcharge free in Central Oregon, and over 30,000 around the United States? Did you know that 9,000 of those ATMs accept deposits? If you didn’t, then www.MidOregon.com‘s webpage on ATM Locations will provide you with what you need to know.

The ATM Network

Mid Oregon is a participant in the CO-OP ATM network, which opens up tens of thousands of ATMs nationwide…all surcharge free for our members with debit cards. CO-OP is an organization that works behind the scenes to support credit unions by bringing them the latest financial services technology. Even though most will not have the name “Mid Oregon Credit Union”, these ATMs can be used to get cash in almost any city in the U.S. Most credit unions are participants in this network, including all those with offices in Central Oregon.

You might be surprised which other ATMs are part of the network. Some, like 7-Eleven stores, can be found across the country. Other locations may be in all retail locations in one area but not another. For example, ATMs in Rite Aid stores in Central Oregon are all part of the CO-OP network, but may not be in other places. That is why our web page offers convenient ways to find out, no matter where you are.

Using the Web Page

Mid Oregon’s ATM Locations page is simple and easy to navigate. Along with some general information about the ATM network, it offers two ways to find an ATM near where you are or will be going:

  1. Find an ATM.  Simply enter the zip code where you hope to find an ATM and click find, and you will be directed to a page which shows ATM locations within a 25 mile radius of the zip code. It will show location name, address and a map of the area, including a satellite view if desired. By using the available generated links you can use Google Maps to easily obtain directions, or send the information to an email address or to your phone via text. Once on the ATM locator page, you have additional search options: by street address, city and state, find using advanced details, and more. You can also widen your search radius criteria, or search for an entire state. For example, an Oregon search returns 658 available network ATMs.
  2. Smartphone ATM Locator Apps. You can download the CO-OP Network ATM Locator to your smart phone. By clicking on the appropriate button, you can access Android or Apple Apps. You can also download directly on your phone by searching for CO-OP ATM in the Google Play Store or the Apple App store. These apps come in very handy during vacations, business travel or visiting family during the holiday season.

Central Oregon CO-OP ATMsCO-OP ATM Locator-Prineville

To  give you an idea of the breadth of the locally available ATMs for Mid Oregon members, here is what a search revealed for local communities:

  • Bend: 18 locations, including 7-Eleven stores, Rite Aid, and Costco.
  • La Pine: 2 locations, including Shop Smart and Rays Food Place
  • Madras: 3 ATMs, including Warm Springs Tribal Credit
  • Prineville: 6 ATMs, including 7-Eleven, Rite Aid and Ray’s Food Place
  • Redmond: 10 locations, including Rite Aid and 7-Eleven.
  • Sisters: One ATM at Ray’s Food Place