Involvement in our community is more than something we do… it’s who we are.

As part of our series highlighting the newest and best features of our recently upgraded website, today on “Website Wednesday” our #9 feature is our Community Involvement page. We hope that through this page more people will see how important we believe it is to support and engage is in Central Oregon communities.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, our members should know that participation through their Credit Union membership, deposits and loans make it possible for us to give back on their behalf to many important efforts and organizations locally.  Acknowledging that many of today’s Central Oregon residents use online sources for information, we’ve provided more a better resource about our involvement.

More than writing checksGreat Drake Park Duck Race

As our page states, Community Involvement is “Who we are”, and a big part of that is our volunteer commitment to support local organizations. We know our members and the community at large believe in personal service, and so do we. Significant community involvement is more than just writing checks.

On the page is a “Learn More” button which will open a PDF with snapshots of many of the things Mid Oregon does in the community. For example, we recently completed the summer campaign for the Great Drake Park Duck Race, where over $90,000 were raised and as an organization we volunteered, promoted and sold tickets to raise money for 5 Central Oregon Charities…each of which help children.

Why we place such a strong emphasis on giving back is verbalized in parts of some of our organizational statements:

“We demonstrate through meaningful involvement, our commitment to the communities we serve.  We both benefit from and have a responsibility to help grow a healthy community.” – from our Foundational Vision.

“As the only credit union headquartered and doing business solely in Central Oregon, we recognize and share in a corporate social responsibility to our communities and residents. Mid Oregon Credit union has been recognized as an exceptional credit union in the area of social responsibility evidenced by its winning of the statewide Dora Maxwell award since 1998. We have accomplished this through our actions and strong belief in contributing to the community with both time and financial resources.” – from our Social Responsibility Statement.

Understanding Mid Oregon and Credit Unions

Please take a moment to check out our page and involvement, and hopefully you will get a better understanding of how important supporting our community is to credit unions and Mid Oregon.  We welcome you to join us!