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Ignoring Your Credit Report Could Be Costly

As you’re reading this, a cyberthief could be buying a new vehicle with your credit. Hacker’s with access to financial accounts can do significant damage to your credit, quickly and with anonymity—and it could be costly. To find out if this is happening to you—check your credit report. Checking your report can show any recent purchase activity made with your credit. If you do notice unauthorized activity, acting quickly can make it easier to recover if you ever are a victim.

It’s no secret that hackers are always prepared with email phishing campaigns, malware, ransomware, and various financial and identity fraud attacks. Since the average person is often the prime target of attackers, checking your credit report can show details about your finances you had no idea were happening. A criminal with access to your credit report can open accounts in your name, get loans, credit cards, and make purchases using your stolen identity and passwords. A victim can literally be locked out of their accounts—and no one wants that. Remember, victims are responsible for any and all financial damage done to their accounts. And, it’s not so easy to repair it.

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