A letter to Mid Oregon Credit Union members, from: Bill Anderson, CEO

Out-of-control regulations hurting credit union members

Dear Mid Oregon Credit Union member,

I’m writing to you about an urgent problem in Washington that directly affects Mid Oregon Credit Union members, and I’m asking you to make your voice heard in Congress to fix it.

Big Brother regulations that favor the Wall Street banks are hurting millions of middle-class credit union members like you, by:

• Costing members an average of $71 per year due to excessive regulations sucking up more credit union resources. (Total cost for all members $1,846,000. based on Mid Oregon membership.)
• Leading to longer wait times and costs for mortgages and loans.
• Limiting your options and making it harder for credit unions to provide the services and products our members need.

You can learn more about the problem by visiting the Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation website.

If you agree that it’s time for Congress to overhaul Washington’s excessive regulation of credit unions, please make your voice heard now. Tell Congress we need common-sense regulations that allow local institutions like Mid Oregon Credit Union to decide what’s best for its members and communities, as we always have.

Let your U.S. Senators and Representatives know today that you want them to make fixing costly regulations on credit unions a top priority.

Thank you for your consideration,

Bill Anderson, CEO

P.S. You can post on your Facebook page or send your Representatives or Senators a tweet on fixing regulations by clicking here.