By Bill Anderson, Mid Oregon President/CEO

New Opportunities

We are excited to see the progress on our La Pine branch, the foundation is set and now the walls and roof are taking shape. We are planning to open in mid 2016 (Hopefully by June as weather and construction permits). In anticipation of the new location, we have been working on a charter expansion to provide access to our neighbors in North Klamath and Lake Counties. On January 7, 2016 we received approval from the National Credit Union Administration to expand the Mid Oregon charter to include Lake, Wheeler and North Klamath  Counties.

This recent approval opens up new areas of opportunity and restores a historical relationship with Wheeler County, which was part of the charter from 1961 to 1998. We look forward to introducing ourselves in the new area and re-establishing our connections in Wheeler County.

Growing to Serve

Additionally, we are continuing to grow and add new staff, systems, technology and resources to serve our members efficiently and effectively. We are creating space for our growing commercial services and strategic partners as well as a potential new branch (To be announced at the Annual Meeting).

Accountability Leadership Training

Through all of this we continue to invest in our staff. We have implemented accountability leadership training and I am happy to report that nearly half of our team members have completed the certification training. The rest of our team is not far behind. You might even hear our staff speaking the new accountability language; seeing opportunities to improve member service, owning it, solving it, and doing it.

We are also implementing internal reporting to provide complete organizational visibility to keep us focused on our key growth metrics; making sure your credit union is performing well and providing us with the data we need to make adjustments along the way. The point of our efforts is to ensure that we continue to provide a safe and secure financial institution that is here to help meet your needs and achieve your dreams.

Thanks for your support!