Convenient & Flexible

We are almost at the last minute, when we can’t find the right gift, don’t have time to shop or when we don’t know what a person wants. Visa Gift cards remain an extremely popular gift choice. Mid Oregon Visa Gift Cards convenience can help you give that perfect gift without stressing out trying to find it.

A Mid Oregon Visa Gift Card can also be the tool that allows you to hold to your spending plan. By loading our Visa Gift Cards with your budget amount(s), you can limit your spending, and still have a great gift.

Shopping Flexibility

Mid Oregon Visa Cards can be used almost everywhere Visa cards are accepted in Central Oregon, and at millions of places around the world-including retail and online merchants as well as mail and phone orders. The only exclusions are gas stations, ATMs, hotels, car rentals and airline reservations. It has all the protection and security features you expect from a Visa Card.

Gift Visa Card recipients can go on-line to view transactions or update personal information. Lost or stolen cards are replaceable with the unused money still available, unlike cash. There is no disruption with your debit card and checking account, or hassle with your credit cards.

Great For Children, Too!

Mid Oregon Visa Gift Cards can also help young people with their Christmas giving. You can get each child a card with their Holiday gift giving money loaded and help them learn about sticking to a plan, how to use a card and have the safety of not losing cash.

Even those teenagers with whom your are helping learn money management with their own Mid Oregon Simply Free Checking account and debit card can benefit. Removing overspending temptations and reducing the risk are values for all of us.

How the Mid Oregon Visa Gift Card Works

Members can visit any Mid Oregon branch and buy Visa Gift Cards from one of our tellers. Activation of your cards happen within 24 hours, There is a one time cost of $3 per card, and the card will not expire for up to five years. There are no monthly maintenance fees unless the card is unused for 12 months. There is a minimum amount of $10 loaded onto the card, and a maximum of $1,000. Replacement cards are handled through the convenient Visa customer service center, and there is a modest fee to replace the card. More details are available at any Mid Oregon branch.

To purchase Mid Oregon Visa Cards a non Mid Oregon member would need to join the credit union. Details on joining are available on our website or by contacting us as per above.