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To Avoid Scammers Be Wary of the Phone

To Avoid Scammers, Be Wary of the Phone- Senior couple in living room, woman using telephone

While scams keep changing, the targets stay the same. Seniors continue to be the marks of a variety of low-risk crimes that prey on their sense of duty and exploit their fear of cognitive loss. We advise seniors, to avoid scammers, be wary of the phone.

FTC Data Tells The Story

The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection logged 1.5 million consumer fraud complaints in 2018, with over $1.6 billion lost; Consumers who said they were 60 and older (older adults) filed 256,404 fraud reports with reported losses of nearly $400 million.

Retirees make ripe targets because they have access to cash via retirement savings and equity in their homes.

What To Do

Here is what to do to avoid being targeted:

Aging Fraud Hotline

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