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Support Health Screening For Preschoolers

Support Health Screening For Preschoolers | Adopt a Bear Member Wall-Olney branch

Fun Mid Oregon Fundraiser Helps Preschoolers Receive Free Health Screenings

Mid Oregon is gearing up for its 18th Annual “Adopt-A-Bear” fundraiser April 1 through April 17 in support of Healthy Beginnings. They provide free health screening for preschoolers. We want to share how anyone can support health screening for preschoolers.

Over $35K raised for Healthy Beginnings since 2004

Since 2004, Mid Oregon’s Adopt-A-Bear annual fundraiser has raised more than $35,000 to help support Healthy Beginnings. Community donations keep their screenings free for all families who use their services. The screenings are performed by local medical, dental, nutritional, and behavioral specialists, The screenings providing parents with a thorough assessment of their child’s physical and developmental health.

That year, Mid Oregon’s CEO, Bill Anderson, and the Healthy Beginnings Executive Director at that time, Holly Remer provided a perfect solution to a fundraising dilemma with a creative campaign called “Adopt-a-Bear”. The colorful “teddy bear” became the vehicle to expand community awareness and provide needed revenue. Mid Oregon Credit Union staff and members “adopt” bears with their donations to Healthy Beginnings. As a result, the die-cut bears become the “wallpaper” at all their branches.

First Five Years Significant to Development

“So many critical developmental milestones happen in those first five years,” says Kathleen Cody, Healthy Beginnings current Executive Director. “Children suffering from unidentified medical or developmental issues can act out in various, unhealthy ways. Our assessments help catch these issues before school starts, giving parents an additional resource and peace of mind if they have questions about their child’s development.”

From April 1-17, we encourages Central Oregon communities to “Adopt-A-Bear” at any of Mid Oregon’s seven branches, by calling 541-382-1795, or going to our secure, online donation form. Donations will help ensure that every preschooler in Central Oregon is healthy and prepared to enter kindergarten ready to learn. This gives the opportunity to support health screening for preschoolers to virtually anyone in our region.

About Healthy Beginnings

Healthy Beginnings is a registered 503(c) non-profit organization located in Bend, Oregon. They are dedicated to ensuring that all local children enter their school life ready to learn, contribute, and thrive. Healthy Beginnings conducts free, comprehensive health and developmental assessments for children under the age of five. They use state-of-the-art screening tools and performed by certified volunteer health and behavioral specialists. These free health screenings are available to every child in Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson Counties.

You can learn more about Healthy Beginnings at

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