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Start Your Financial Journey With a Map!

Start Your Financial Journey With a Map! Bulletin Board with Goal Setting & SMART Words, and three goals shown

A Journey Without a Map

To gain control of your finances, it’s important to set specific financial goals. But what does that mean? It means having a plan when you start your financial journey.

Here’s an example: If you simply say, “I need to pay off my credit card debt,” you’re less likely to reach your goal. In reality, you have just made a wish, with intent and desire, but nothing to get you any closer.

We readily recognize this in other areas of our lives. If we are taking a vacation through an unfamiliar area, how many of us would just jump in our vehicle and go. We would use GPS, grab a map, or at least ask someone for directions. And wouldn’t we also figure out if we have enough fuel, and if the car was able to make the trip!

Set SMART Financial Goals

Of course you would. So, to achieve your financial objectives, you need more. That’s why at Mid Oregon we recommend you start with setting SMART financial goals.

We’ve created a short video on setting SMART goals. Take a look and start your financial journey the right way. You’ll be glad you did!

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