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Say ‘I Do’ Without the Debt

Say 'I Do' Without the Debt | Wedding Couple Facing Paying Off Expenses

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue —a sweet wedding tradition, unless the something borrowed is thousands of dollars to pay for the big day. Is it possible to say ‘I do’ without the Debt?

Money issues are the number 1 cause of marital conflict, so it doesn’t make sense to start married life with enormous debt. Sometimes a financial rough spot is unavoidable, such as when a spouse loses a job. But wedding-related debt is an entirely avoidable hurdle.

Know what you can afford and work with what you have

The average wedding these days costs between $25,000 and $35,000. However, you can make the big day memorable and special without breaking the budget. It just requires the right attitude, a willingness to be flexible, and creativity.

Starting out richer rather than poorer

Those in the wedding business agree that there are countless ways to cut costs without sacrificing the dream. The key is identifying what one or two things are most important to you and your future spouse so you can splurge in those areas and economize in others.

For example, one bride put together a wedding for 150 people at a cost of just $1,500. The trick was to splurge on fresh flowers (her “must have”) and good champagne (her fiancé’s indulgence) and keep everything else simple. They also asked friends and family for help, including borrowing a friend’s wedding dress.

You can achieve elegance and individuality with half the money. Here are other ways to cut costs without sacrificing the dream:

Talk About Your Budget

It’s important to know what you can comfortably afford before making your plans. Sit down with your future spouse and your parents and create a budget. Determine ahead of time how much you can afford to spend and then stick to your plans. There are many online wedding budget planners to help you. Make sure to include miscellaneous expenses, like tips, the marriage license fee, attendant gifts, and thank you cards.

Here are additional tips to avoid post-wedding money troubles:

You can keep your special day uniquely yours, but still within your budget. Start married life on a solid financial footing with as little debt as possible to help ensure you have many happy years together.

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