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Save To Win at Mid Oregon!

Save to Win!

Get a Chance to Win Every Time You Save!

Come on, admit it—it’s fun to buy lottery tickets. You never know if today might be your lucky day, and even if your number doesn’t come up, it’s fun to daydream about what you’d do with the extra cash.

Wouldn’t it be even better if every time you bought a lottery ticket, someone put that money into a special account so you’d have it for a rainy day? That’s the idea behind the Save to Win account, now available at Mid Oregon Credit Union. Every time you deposit $25 into your Save to Win account, you’re entered into a special quarterly drawing for a chance to win up to $5,000. You can enter up to 10 times per month, increasing your odds of winning with every deposit! What’s more, you’re also entered to win several quarterly $1,000 and $250 prizes, as well as a bunch of monthly $25 prizes. Lots of opportunities to win month after month!

A Fun Way to Start Saving

We all know we need to save more. Sometimes, it’s just difficult to prioritize tomorrow’s needs over today’s wants. With Save to Win, creating a regular savings habit can be a little more fun—who knows if your next deposit will be the one that wins a prize?

All you have to do is stop by your Mid Oregon branch or give us a call to set up your Save to Win account. We’ll even show you how you can set up automated deposits so you’re always entered into the drawing—you can enter every week, every payday, or anytime you’d like to sock away a little extra cash. Your savings will grow faster than you ever thought possible, giving your family greater financial security down the road. Talk about hitting the jackpot!

Play a game where you’re always a winner—Open your Save to Win account today!

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