Protect Yourself: Security and Fraud Center

Part 6 of our series highlighting the newest and best features of our recently upgraded website, Security and Fraud Center, is our “Website Wednesday” feature this week. Read about our previously highlighted features.

Mid Oregon Credit Union has a web-based resource that will help you educate yourself on the risks and prevention of fraud. In our ever-changing world of technology and money management, you need up-to-date information and resources to protect yourself. From the homepage click on the “Resource” icon in the top navigation bar and select “Security Alerts” to go to the Security and Fraud Center.

Here you can find up-to-date security news, education, and alerts. Stay informed about the latest fraud risks, and more importantly be aware of what you can do to protect yourself from becoming a victim. The page allows you to find relevant information in a variety of ways.

Search by Topic

On the right side of the page section are four topical tabs: News & Alerts, Your Security, Scams & Phishing and Mobile Devices. Clicking on one of the tabs reveals a list of timely articles within that topic. Selecting an article will produce easy to read & informative posts of short to medium length. At the bottom of the article is a section on “Related Topics” if you want to learn more.

Current available articles include “Arming Yourself Against Cyber Attacks”, “Shifu: Cuddly Cartoon Character or Dangerous Trojan”, “Online Banking Credentials are the Top Phishing Target by 300%” and “Phishers Going After PayPal Credentials”.

Watch Video Quick Tips

In the top right of the page section is a “Watch Video Quick Tips” button. Clicking on this will open a 30 second to one minute video on a relevant security topic. You can watch additional short videos by following the “Watch Another Quick Tip Video”. In our fast paced world we often rely on brief packets of information, and video is an interesting way to keep up. Some video topics available include #78 on Fake ATM Awareness and #37 on Email Attachment Risk.

More Education Options

There is a “More Education Options” drop down menu which includes the tabbed topics mentioned above and some additional ones: “Security Education Videos”, “Corporate Account Security”, “Identity Theft Information”, “Test Your Security Knowledge”, “List of Major Breaches’ and “Mid Oregon Resources and Alerts”. Security Education Videos include longer, more in depth pieces to dig deeper into a topic. Under Test Your Security Knowledge are 4 quizzes which will inform you while assessing your knowledge on those topics.

Fraud Alerts

In the space above the other information but below the page description current alerts will be displayed. Today, there are no alerts but checking back periodically will help you know of any right away.

ID Theft Free Workshop Coming Up

On November 19 Mid Oregon will be hosting a free workshop which starts at 6 pm at our East Bend branch called “Identity Theft: Who Has Your Number”. In this workshop find out how we make ourselves vulnerable to identity theft, learn valuable tips on how to protect your Social Security number from fraud, become skilled at spotting phony phishing attacks in your in‐box.

Security and Fraud Center Powered by Stickley on Security

Jim Stickley has stolen credit cards, hacked Social Security numbers, robbed banks, and created fake ATMs. He is an identity thief, but he is no criminal. Fortunately for all victims involved, Stickley is a cyber security expert with over 20 years in the industry who was hired to perform these attacks by corporations testing their security. His job is to find security flaws before the real criminals find them and warn people and organizations about what they can do to protect themselves.

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