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Presidents Message: Directed to serve our members and community

Presidents Message: Directed to serve our members and community - Bite of Reality La Pine High School-May 2019- The Mid Oregon Board provides the Credit Union with Ends Statements- a set of guiding concepts to shape the work we & do the direction of our institution

The Direction of Our Institution

Quite often, you hear us mention that Mid Oregon is member-owned and guided by a democratically-elected, all-volunteer Board of Directors. Our Board consists of
members who meet regularly to determine the direction of our institution.

These folks help provide me and the rest of the Mid Oregon Credit Union team with a set of guiding concepts to shape the work we do. Unlike many organizations that focus on activities, we focus on the end results. That’s why the board has developed a set of “Ends” Statements—a list of things that we are accountable for accomplishing as an organization.

Mid Oregon “Ends” Statements

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that our first few Ends Statements refer to providing affordable, convenient financial solutions to our members and member-businesses, and ensuring Mid Oregon is a safe, stable, and secure financial partner. Being here for your financial needs is our primary purpose.

But we have a couple others that might not be as obvious. The first is to increase the financial literacy of our members and the community. Recently, we’ve accomplished this through hosting a “Bite of Reality” budgeting simulation at La Pine High School, and scheduling a wide array of financial workshops.

Making a Difference in Our Communities

The other is making a difference in our communities. Whether it’s our support of the upcoming Duck Race, hosting this month’s Supplies 4 Schools branch drives,
pledging $50,000 to the St. Charles Tower expansion, or sponsoring Free Family Days at the High Desert Museum, we look for ways to collaborate with local partners to
make life better for everyone in our communities.

We are accomplishing great things together. Thank you for your membership.

Bill Anderson

CEO, Mid Oregon Credit Union

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