Pickleball Zone in Bend

Mid Oregon Credit Union is proud to support the economic expansion of Central Oregon through our commercial financing. Just down the street from our Administration building is one of the latest projects in which we are involved, the Pickleball Zone.

The Pickleball Zone, being built on 18th Street near Empire Avenue, is in construction. Planned to open this spring, it will give a year around opportunities to the over 2,500 enthusiasts in Central Oregon. The Pickleball Zone is part of Cascade Indoor Sports, also located nearby on High Desert Lane.

Indoor Recreational OpportunitiesThe Pickleball Zone- Artists Rendition | Pickleball Zone Is Taking Shape!

We are excited about the year around recreational opportunities which will be available. From the Pickleball Zone website, we learn some interesting things:

This state of the art 48,000 square foot multi sport facility will house the Trampoline Zone on the ground floor and 8 dedicated Pickleball courts on the second floor. The easy accessible lot has more than 120 parking spaces with room to grow.

The address of the new facility is 63040 NE 18th Street in Bend. Steele and Associates Architects are the designers and Kevin Spencer, Empire Construction and Development is the builder.

Butch Roberts will be managing the facility. He owns and manages Cascade Indoor Sports which is just around the corner. Butch has many years of experience in running an indoor soccer facility and sports programs.

About Pickleball

Pickleball is the fastest growing racquet sport not only in the country, but also in Central Oregon. Started in 1965 on Bainbridge Island WA, Pickleball almost lay dormant until a few years ago. Now Pickleball has moved out of the RV and retirement communities and, while still very popular amongst the baby boomers, the sport is attracting younger generations.

In August of 2017 the Bend Pickleball Club hosted the Pickleball Zone USAPA Pacific Regional tournament at Pine Nursery. With over 500 players, (90 of them from the Professional Pickleball Federation (PPF), the tournament was a huge success. The best players from all over the country competed in this major tournament of the Pro Tour.

Central Oregon has over 2,500 pickleball players from La Pine in the South to Prineville in the North. While there are lots of places to play outdoors, there are very limited indoor facilities.

Mid Oregon is glad to be part of creating a solution and bringing pickleball to more Central Oregonians.