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Online Shopping Season Brings Out Holiday Fraud

Hacker thief with santa hat stealing information from a credit card

As 2022 flies by, believe it or not, the holiday online shopping season is upon us. This is your annual reminder to be on the lookout for all kinds of cyber thieves who are out there waiting to take advantage of all of us just wanting some cheer with our shopping excitement in an otherwise uncertain time. As that time slowly ticks away, or rushes by, depending on your point of view, the hackers continue to improve upon their various cyber scams. Online scams are becoming harder to detect, but it’s important to remain vigilant. Tis the season for holiday fraud.

How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams

*Avoid online shopping scams*

Always topping the list of ways cyber criminals take advantage of us is phishing.

Phishing Examples

But don’t fret. There are some ways you can take matters into your own shopping fingertips to mitigate your risk of becoming a holiday fraud victim.

Online Security Tips

With Black Friday (November 27), Small Business Saturday (November 28), and Cyber Monday (November 30), as well as the remainder of the holiday shopping period on the horizon, cybersecurity professionals advise extra caution when spreading holiday cheer. Online shopping brings more opportunities for Holiday fraud.

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Content based on an article by Stickley on Security

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