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New Alerts for Potential Fraudulent Card Activity

New Alerts for Potential Fraudulent Card Activity | Woman checking her phone


Mid Oregon Credit Union cares about the security of our members’ debit and credit cards. We continuously monitor member accounts for potential fraudulent card activity. Starting April 7, Mid Oregon members will receive new alerts about potential fraud with their debit and credit card accounts.

This enhanced feature uses the mobile, phone, and email addresses listed on your account to contact you about potential fraud. You will have the option to authorize or deny the charges.

New Alert Notification Process

Before this change, Mid Oregon only notified members of potential fraudulent card activity via phone. The new approach first sends a fraud notification via text. If no contact is made, it next sends an email. After that, it calls your mobile phone, followed by a home phone number in an attempt to receive a response.

Update Your Contact Information

Remember to update your preferred phone numbers and email addresses for your account to ensure that any alerts get to you quickly. You can update your information while logged in to Digital Banking or you can make the change in person at a branch or over the phone at (541) 382-1795.

Also, be sure to contact Mid Oregon if you plan to travel to ensure we process all of your card transactions without interruptions.

Thank you for your cooperation in protecting your accounts from fraudulent transactions!

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