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Mid Term Elections- Your Vote Matters!

Your Vote Matters! Picture with text on Credit Unions Vote, You have a voice, use it, and make sure you vote in this year's election.

Your Vote Matters!

We wanted to make a reminder that the mid-term elections are quickly approaching and remind you to vote. It is important to have your voice heard and participate in the process. At Mid Oregon Credit Union, we pride ourselves on our community involvement and see it as our duty to encourage our members to participate. Your vote matters!

Congress will discuss many crucial issues this coming session — make sure you’re included in the discussion. Many of these issues, including data breaches, financial regulations, and taxation all have an impact on our credit union as well as credit unions throughout the country.

Possible Key Issue for Next Congress

Take data breaches for example. At Mid Oregon, we believe protecting the privacy and security of our members’ accounts is our most important responsibility. Under the current system, when we discover a data breach at retailers like Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Sears and elsewhere, we take action immediately to change account numbers and issue new credit and debit cards for members who were affected. And, in many cases, we can’t even tell you which merchant caused the breach even though we are working to protect your account from the fraud. The current system is broken and hopefully will be addressed in the next Congress.

Make Your Vote Count

It’s easy to get what you need to make your vote count — we have everything you need right here to check your registration status or register to vote . And don’t forget that you must register by October 16 in the State of Oregon in order to vote by mail in the midterm election.

As a credit union member, you have a voice, but only if you use it!

Thanks for your continued support of the credit union movement.

Bill Anderson
CEO, Mid Oregon Credit Union

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