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Mid Oregon Madras Branch Turns 10!

2009 Ribbon Cutting-Madras

In June of 2009, during the depths of the recession, Mid Oregon Credit Union opened our fifth branch in Madras. This month, we are celebrating ten years of partnership and growth with the people and organizations in Jefferson County. Our Mid Oregon Madras Branch turns 10!

Hosting Chamber “Coffee Cuppers” Event

On Friday, 6/21, we are hosting the Madras-Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce “Coffee Cuppers” event in celebration. Beginning at 8 am, the local business community will be joining us for coffee, refreshments, prizes, networking and sharing.

Located on SE 5th Street in Madras, our facility represented an investment in our then-current membership in Jefferson County. But it also signified our commitment to the future of Madras and our belief in how well we could support its people and businesses. It has turned out to be a very successful endeavor.

The Key: People and Community

When we opened with three employees in 2009, one was the branch Team Lead Tammy Gregory. Besides being a long-time resident of Madras (and graduating from Madras High School), Tammy had the people and community focus we value. In 2015, Tammy was promoted to branch manager. At that time, CEO Bill Anderson had these things to say:

“She has been a shining star in the organization for years and has been successfully leading her team in Madras. Her expanded role will further emphasize her leadership in the community as well as in the branch.”

Tammy, Loan Officer Teri Drew, and the rest of their team are key leaders in several community efforts, including Rotary, MacDash, Relay For Life, the Chamber, local theater, and much, much more. We appreciate how they support and impact key areas of Jefferson County.

Then: Back in 2009

When our branch opened in 2009, Mid Oregon membership stood at a little more than 1,200 members in the area surrounding Madras. Here are some details from a press release announcing the upcoming branch from 2008:

“Mid Oregon to Build First Ever Credit Union in Jefferson County”

“Mid Oregon plans to build the first credit union office in Jefferson County, a 2,700 square foot office at the Fifth and F Street location. The office will offer many conveniences including a full service drive-up ATM, a 24 hour access walk-up ATM and a community meeting room.”

“‘For over 50 years, the Credit union has grown member relationships in Jefferson County. I am proud to say that we have nearly 1,000 members and aggregate deposits and loans of over $15 million in this area,’ says Bill Anderson, President and CEO. ‘The new branch will increase service quality for our current members and provide convenient access to credit union services for the entire community’.”

And Now: In 2019

Today, our Madras branch is one of seven Mid Oregon locations, and serves more than 4,600 members, including almost 200 businesses. Our aggregate loans and deposits total over $47 million. We now have six employees working in the branch.

We want to express our appreciation to the community as our Mid Oregon Madras branch celebrates this key milestone. Thank you to our members, our business & employer partners and, special thanks to our very involved Madras team. Happy 10th Birthday, Madras Branch!

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