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Message From the CEO: Local at Heart

Day-of-Service-Underwriting Team Helping Out at Saving Grace

A lot’s been happening here at Mid Oregon. When I look back at the past few months, one word comes to mind again and again: Local.

Local at Heart: Day of Community Service

For example, our team devoted the Columbus Day federal holiday to a special purpose. We spent the morning together, learning about balancing work and health, the way different generations unite to make a more dynamic and productive workplace, and how the credit union industry has the power to dramatically improve the financial well-being of families and communities.

After lunch, we put those concepts to work, engaging in a variety of service projects. We split into 10 teams and rolled up our sleeves, assisting our partner non-profits with activities ranging from clearing brush and organizing food assistance for veterans’ programs to providing financial literacy education to elementary-age students. With the theme of “head and heart,” our teams used their smarts and “good friends, great service” philosophy to determine what was needed, and do whatever it took to get it done.

Focused On Our Own Communities

A key component was that each team focused on its own community or neighborhood, rather than a one-size-fits-all attitude. We know that our strength lies in getting to know our community, building local relationships, and taking the time to build the best solution for the situation in front of us.

That’s the approach we have for the services we provide to our members, too. Whether it’s providing financing for a new commercial building in Bend or bringing our home loan services in-house to provide you a better variety of options, we’re making it easier to keep your financial business close to home, with people you know and trust.

New Services Ahead

We set ambitious goals for 2019, and we don’t see that slowing down for 2020. We look forward to announcing new services, including a better digital banking platform, Apple and Samsung Pay, and more. All while keeping our local connection strong and vital.

Thank you for choosing Mid Oregon Credit Union.

Bill Anderson

CEO, Mid Oregon Credit Union

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