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Insurance Tips for Young Adults

Insurance Tips for Young Adults

Insurance Needs for Young Adults

Most young people don’t think insurance is important—until they need it. Because young adults aren’t wallowing in disposable income, insurance often gets lost in the shuffle of rent, gas, and other routine bills. Here’s how to protect yourself against the unexpected without spending a fortune.

Most young adults need only three types of insurance coverage: health, renters, and auto. Life insurance is another type of policy to consider if you have financial dependents or own a business.

Your insurance needs change as you grow older. Owning a business, getting married, finding a new job, and becoming a parent are all events that call for a fresh look at insurance coverage.

First, investigate your current coverage. Your employer may offer insurance benefits. You also still may be covered by your parents’ policies. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows young adults younger than age 26 to stay on their parent’s plans even if they don’t live with them, are financially independent, married, or eligible to enroll in an employer’s plan. Check with your insurance agent to learn more about these policies and to make sure the existing coverage is adequate.

Tips for Saving Money

If you must purchase insurance on your own, follow these money-saving tips:

* Mid Oregon Credit Union has a great place to start with our partner Cascade Insurance Center and John Gould, who works in our Olney & 2nd St. branch in Bend. Call at (541) 382-7772 to get a free, no-obligation quote on your insurance coverage. As a broker, John and Cascade Insurance Center can check several carriers to find you the best coverage and rates.


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