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Horses of Every Color!

Horses of Every Color!- Stick Horses "in the corral" 2014

Have you ever seen an orange horse? How about a pink one? Green? If you haven’t, then you haven’t been to the Crooked River Roundup Stick Horse Races or watched the kids paint and decorate their horses the day before at Western Daze in Prineville. There you will find horses of every color!

Painting & Decorating Stick Horses

This year, on Saturday, 6/27, children will be coming the Mid Oregon booth at Pioneer Park in Prineville, where the credit union will be providing stick horses and decorating supplies for the Stick Horse Race on Sunday. Starting at 10 am, as long as supplies last kids will customize their wooden steed for the race. scheduled to start at approximately 3:30 pm the following day at the Crooked River Roundup Rodeo at the Fairgrounds in Prineville.

The Stick Horse decorating is part of Western Daze, organized each year by Crook County Park & Recreation at Pioneer Park in Prineville. Starting Friday with vendors, live music, dancing, games and prizes, Western Daze culminates on Saturday with the Crooked River Round Up Parade from 10 to 11:30 am, followed by live music, entertainment and more. Visit the Crook County Park & Rec website for details.

The Race Is Part Of The Rodeo

Mid Oregon has been providing the stick horses and decorations with Credit Union staff volunteering for many years. The Stick Horse Race held on 6/28 is part of the Mid Oregon Credit Union sponsored Sunday at the Rodeo, starting at 2 pm, where kids under 18 get in for free. All children under 10 years old are eligible to participate in the Stick Horse Race. The rodeo starts Friday night at 7 pm, sponsored by Pioneer Memorial Hospital, continues Saturday at 7 pm sponsored by Facebook and finishes on Sunday. Visit the Crooked River Roundup website or its Facebook page.

The blank stick horses are free and so are the decorating paints, but they are for kids to compete in the race on Sunday, and quantities are limited. Please come early.

See you at the Park!

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