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The Holidays: A Good Time to Buy?

Is the Holiday Season Really a Good Time to Buy? - A new white car wrapped in a big bow.

Is the Holiday Season Really a Good Time to Buy?

You’ve seen the ads—a breathless wife or husband running out of the house in their P.J.s to find a beautiful new car (usually festooned with a huge red bow) sitting in the driveway. Have you ever wondered if it is a good time to buy a vehicle during the holiday season?

Three Reasons Why Now Is a Good Time to Put a New Vehicle Under the Tree

Turns out, it’s can be an awesome time! Here are three reasons why the holiday season gives you a great opportunity to make your best deal on some new wheels.

1. Buy toward the end of the month. Many consumer-finance experts tell us that the best time to buy a vehicle from a dealership is late in the month—and the holiday season certainly qualifies. That’s when a lot of sales teams are eager to make additional sales to meet their monthly quotas—so you may be able to negotiate a better deal. Shopping during month-end, AND during the final month of the year? That’s just plain smart!

2. Stop in when dealerships aren’t as busy. Again, this makes mid to late December a great time to buy. The craziness of the holiday-shopping season means most consumers have their attention elsewhere. The dealerships might be pretty quiet, so you’ll have your pick of inventory, and the sales team will be ready to make a good deal.

3. Don’t shop right after new model years are introduced. You don’t want to try and negotiate for a brand-new vehicle when demand is highest—it’s always good to wait. Since most models are unveiled around August and September, the fervor has usually died down in December, and last year’s models are taking up valuable space. It’s a great time to make your move!

Additional Auto Shopping Tips

If you’re ready to start shopping, don’t dust off that big bow just yet. Here are a couple tips to make the process go a little more smoothly:

1. Do your homework. Research what vehicles are available in your area, and get a good idea what vehicle you want, and what you’re willing to pay. You can start by visiting Mid Oregon’s Auto Smart Web Portal.

2. Know your price range before you shop. Negotiate with confidence—it only takes a minute to get pre-approved for your auto loan at the nearest Mid Oregon branch. Then, you’ll know what you can afford, what your payment will be, and you’ll make a deal you can really live with. Visit the branch, give us a call, or go online to get started.

But When You Just Have To Have It…

Okay, so what if you ignore all this advice? Hey, it happens—especially when it comes to shiny new cars. If you find the car of your dreams and want it RIGHT NOW, just ask for Mid Oregon financing at the dealership. They can usually help you on the spot! Or, what if you come home with the dream car, but not the loan of your dreams? Just stop in and ask us about refinancing. We’ll help you find an auto loan that fits your budget AND financial goals.

Happy holidays!

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