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Go Paperless With Mid Oregon eStatements

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Looking for ways to declutter and simplify your financial life? One easy way is to reduce the amount of paper you receive in the mail. If you find that you’re leaving your Mid Oregon statements sitting on your counter, unopened, consider trying eStatements instead!

How to opt in to Mid Oregon eStatements

You can opt in/out of Mid Oregon eStatements with just a few clicks:

  • Log into your account on Digital Banking using your desktop computer or the mobile app on your phone or tablet.
  • Click on the eStatement widget at the left hand side of your screen (bottom toolbar on mobile). If you can’t find eStatements, click the more…. button to reveal any hidden widgets
  • Tap the “gear” icon at the right of the Statements and Notices header and select the button to switch from “Paper” to “Online”
You can select Paper or Online statements for each of your membership accounts. You can change your preferences anytime you like. Please note that your settings will apply to ALL notices for that account.

Benefits of eStatements and eNotices

When you choose eStatements, you’ll also have access to your tax statements and other Mid Oregon notices electronically (certificate renewal letters, overdraft notices, etc.). Your documents are easy to find, download and print anytime you need them, just by logging into Digital Banking. Because they’re stored securely, you never have to worry about them getting into the wrong hands. Plus, you’ll always have 24 months of statements right at your fingertips!

Tackle the paper, reduce waste

With eStatements, you won’t need to dig through files, or try to keep up with shredding your outdated financial documents! Plus, you’ll receive your statements a day or two earlier than you would if you receive them by mail. And no more worries about important personal data being intercepted in the mail stream.

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