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Get Financially Fit in 2019!

Person Checking Fitness Watch- Get Financially Fit in 2019!

Rates are heading up—check out our certificate specials and updated savings options! As we flip the calendar over into 2019, many of us are carrying a bit more weight—both literally and financially. If you’ve made the commitment to improving your health, why not get financially fit in 2019, too?

Boost Your Returns

Whether you want to create an emergency fund, save for your dream vacation, or simply build your retirement nest egg, we have updated rates and savings options to boost your returns.

Make Saving Fun!

Dealing with High Interest Debt

And if it’s time to shed the weight of that extra holiday debt, consider transferring your high-rate credit card balances to an affordable, nohidden-surprises Mid Oregon VISA Credit Card. You’ll find no balance-transfer fees and a low everyday rate will help those balances shrink even faster!

We’re here to help you. Just visit, shoot us a message at, or call 541-382-1795. We’ll be glad to connect you to the best savings or loan options to get you financially fit in 2019!

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