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Financial Tips for New Parents

Financial Tips for New Parents-Baby Girl Holding Baby Bottle Filled with Coins-

Are you starting a family or maybe just thinking about it? As a new parent, you want to make sure you can provide your children with a safe, secure home. In addition to getting baby gates and corner bumpers, it’s important to get your finances in good order and keep them there. Here are some great financial tips for new parents.

Have An Extra $230 Thousand…?

Raising children is not cheap. The USDA estimates that it costs over $230,000 to raise a child until they’re 17 years old – and that doesn’t include college tuition. As a new parent, you’ll want to enjoy these years raising your new daughter or son, and worry as little as possible about bills. To minimize the financial stress of raising a child, we offer you these tips:

Update Your Insurance

Update Your Budget

Don’t Forget the IRS

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