Now is a great time to refinance—maybe too great!

With mortgage rates dipping back down again, many homeowners are looking at refinancing their home loan. By lowering their loan rate, they can lower their monthly payments, pay off their loans faster, or even consolidate home loan and other debt into a single lower payment. They also consider getting fast, responsive service on home loans a priority.

Unfortunately, with so many homeowners rushing to take advantage of excellent low rates, some lenders are struggling to keep pace with demand.

Photo of Mid Oregon Home Loans Manager Matt Mitchell

Mid Oregon Home Loans Manager Matt Mitchell

According to Matt Mitchell at Mid Oregon Home Loans, this rush is causing problems for homeowners. “I’ve heard several stories recently of local borrowers not hearing back on the status of their loans, or waiting weeks for a response when contacting their lender,” he says. “As a credit union dedicated to the idea of people helping people, that’s not acceptable to us.”

Faster response, better communication

Mid Oregon Home Loans is committed to fast response, clear communications, and straight answers. Although every situation is different, Mitchell says his team at Mid Oregon Home Loans are delivering mortgage closing times within 30 to 45 days in most cases. “Of course, loans that are sold to the secondary market may have longer closing times,” he says. “But regardless, we answer our phones and we return calls. You’ll know the status of your loan request.”

If you’re not receiving a call back from your mortgage loan provider, we’re here to help. Give Mid Oregon Home Loans a call at 541-382-1795, send us an email, or click to learn more.