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Check-In on 2022 Financial Goals

Check-In on 2022 Financial Goals | Family putting coins in a piggy bank

We are more than halfway through 2022. Hard to believe, right? How are you doing with those 2022 financial goals you set on January 1? Hopefully the answer is, “right on track.” However, if you need a little nudge to set them back in motion, you can begin a fresh chapter today. Check-In on 2022 Financial Goals.

Your National Financial Awareness Day

In case you missed it, Sunday, August 14 was National Financial Awareness Day. You can’t be blamed for letting that pass by. It’s not highly publicized, and it happens in the middle of the short but significant Central Oregon summer.

So what is National Financial Awareness Day? It is a day dedicated to revisiting your finances and taking steps toward financial stability. So why not make today your personal Financial Awareness Day? If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get started, we’ve got a few ideas that’ll help you get back on track.

Spending Plan (or Budget)

Set up (or revisit) a budget and track your expenses. Write it all down—every dollar you spend. From daily coffee to monthly subscriptions to treats for Fido, it all adds up. You can also use the spending analysis tool in Digital Banking. This tool allows members to categorize and view all of their spending in one place.

Make sure your credit report is accurate. To better manage your money, you need to better manage your credit. You can get your credit report from several sources. You can also take advantage of Mid Oregon’s free, secure option Credit Savvy located in Digital Banking. When you enroll, you will receive anytime, anywhere access to your credit score, as well as key information from your credit report. Reviewing your credit report and score is essential to your check-In on 2022 financial goals.

Pass on unnecessary purchases. Get disciplined by identifying needs vs. wants. Do you need that newest gadget or merely want it? Turning down something today, can mean greater financial stability tomorrow.

Grow Your Knowledge

Increase your financial literacy. Mid Oregon provides free Financial Literacy Webinars throughout the year. They cover many topics such as Managing your Credit, Estate Planning, Social Security, Medicare ABCs, and more. Visit and register for our upcoming webinars.

Explore new or different financial products. Have you considered refinancing your vehicle at a lower interest rate? What about taking advantage of the equity in your home with a HELOC? There are several product offerings at Mid Oregon which might improve your situation. Another option is to consolidate credit card debt with one of our low-interest VISA®cards. Visit us for more info on our products.

It’s never too late to take control of your finances. Whether it’s the first of the year, today or National Financial Awareness Day, Mid Oregon’s experienced staff is here to help.

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