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The Best Year Yet!

Mid Oregon's 60th- the best year yet! Bike riders crossing bridge between 2017 and 2018

Our 60th — the best year yet!

2017 was a wild year, wasn’t it? Record snowfall, a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse in our own backyard and smoky skies were only the beginning of the excitement.

At Mid Oregon, it also meant some significant milestones and achievements. For instance, we experienced an unprecedented number of new members who joined our cooperative seeking the many advantages of credit union membership.

Loan and Asset Milestones

We crossed a key threshold of $250 million in assets, which reflects the growing strength of our cooperative, as well as the individual financial strength we’ve helped our members build over the years. We also exceeded an all—time—record of $200 million in current loans, as well as granting more than $1 billion in loans since our inception. Can you fathom the needs and dreams members have achieved for their families with those loans?

In addition, the team at Mid Oregon accomplished many goals to improve member service and convenience. We are working to keep our electronic services convenient and secure, and opened our seventh branch in the community of Sisters. We introduced a host of new free checking accounts for families and businesses.

Growth and New Faces on Our Team

Of course, all that growth also presented its share of challenges, too. As we’ve worked hard to promote our best team members to new positions, we’ve brought many new faces to our branches. We’re proud of our reputation as an employer of choice in our community. We are dedicated to continuing our culture of accurate and high-quality service to every member.

Beginning Our 60th Year!

November 2017 also marked the beginning of our 60th year as a member-owned financial institution. For many institutions, 60 years in business might mean becoming complacent, old-school, or irrelevant. For us, we are using it as a challenge to keep growing and evolving to meet your changing financial needs. We position ourselves as the financial institution that you’ll continue to rely on. In fact, we think our 60th year might be our best yet!

We thank you for your membership and support of your credit union and wish you the very best in 2018.

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