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9 Cheap, Fun Things to Do in the Summer (Part 2)

9 Cheap, Fun Things to Do in the Summer

If your budget says a big summer vacation is out of the question and our first five suggestions didn’t hit the spot, here are four more inexpensive options for immersive summer fun.

6. Plan a summer blowout

You’re likely not the only one looking for something to do, so why not throw a party? It could be as simple as a dinner party, or as raucous as a block party that you organize with your neighbors. Breakout the barbecue, the Slip ‘N Slide, and rent an outdoor projector for a movie night.

7. Treat your community like a vacation destination

Pretend you’re visiting your town for the first time. In Central Oregon, we know many thousands come here every year to vacation, but often are set in our habits and ways. Ask your friends on Facebook for their favorite restaurants, places to visit, and hidden gems. Call the library for local guide books and contact the chamber of commerce or tourism department for recommendations. Then plan a week of activities. You might see where you live in a whole new light.

8. Binge watch something

With temperatures in many places reaching all-time, plastic-melting highs, maybe you just want to stay indoors. A Netflix account is just $9 a month and HBO Now is $15. Watch every season of that show everyone is always talking about. If you want it to feel like more of an accomplishment, work your way through one of those lists of “the greatest movies of all time.” The new classic movie and art-house streaming service FilmStruck starts at $6.99 a month.

9. Join a summer reading program

Want to avoid screens? Join an adult summer reading program—most public libraries offer one—or join a book club. Visit our Central Oregon Library websites for details: Deschutes Public Library, Crook County Library, Jefferson County Library, Klamath County/Gilchrist, Fossil Public Library and Lake County/Christmas Valley. Like to do things solo? Google “summer reading challenge.” There are lots of creative lists to work through. The New York Public Library posts a popular summer reading list every year.

Still not enough to do? Pick up a copy of one of our local event calendars or visit one of our communities’ chambers of commerce or visitor centers. And have fun!

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