We predicted that 2018 might be our best year yet, and we weren’t disappointed! Our team stayed very focused, funding a record number of member loans and exceeding even our own high expectations. We also attracted new members to our institution at rates that far exceed our region’s population growth. This demonstrates that a growing number of Central Oregonians are looking to bring their financial business to a local provider, and we welcome them to Mid Oregon to receive the best value for their money.

Our brisk lending demand, coupled with a rising rate environment, enabled us to re-vamp our deposit offerings to help you boost your returns and ensure that our institution is poised for continued healthy lending levels over the long term. We’ve rolled out special Share Certificate offers, and introduced our enhanced Premium Interest Checking and High Yield accounts. These accounts will help you get the best return on your deposits, and hopefully encourage you to consider keeping more of your deposit dollars local.

Relationships are about more than loans and deposits, and our commitment to giving back to the community hasn’t wavered. Last fall, we celebrated the opening of the first student-run branch in Central Oregon—located at La Pine High School. This tiny branch is a mighty one—providing critical school-to-career experiences for high school students, while offering opportunities for the entire student body to gain needed financial literacy skills that they’ll need when they head out into the “real world.”

Lastly, 2018 ended on a challenging note for many of our members affected by the partial federal government shutdown. Mid Oregon responded quickly by offering no- or low-interest temporary loans, waived fees on skipped loan payments, and other resources to support local federal employees in our community who are experiencing work furloughs. We’ll be here as long as they need our help.

We wish you the very best in 2019, and thank you for being a part of Mid Oregon Credit Union!

Bill Anderson

CEO, Mid Oregon Credit Union